Thursday, February 27, 2003

Bill Maher has a show again.

This makes me really sad. Sadder than a young child who has just lost his scoop of ice cream to the sidewalk. Sadder than a high school senior realizing that his prom night "is not the night it will happen."
Sadder than you are when you realize that life is bigger. Bigger than you and you are not me.

Please, HBO. Please make Bill Maher go away. If not for me, if not for America...if not for my God damn children, do it for the Albanians--they don't deserve this. Haven't they been through enough? Isn't the world scary enough for them without an egocentric, moronic, witless, common-senseless "comedian" who is only interested in hearing himself talk?
You can cry. There is nothing wrong with it. I will hold you. Bill Maher, on the other hand, will not.


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