Sunday, February 23, 2003

Due to the serious nature of my last posting, I have decided to put something "lighter" up. The following is a list of non-existent articles that have Who (the band) puns incorporated into their headlines.
Enjoy. And, Pete, good luck beating the pedophelia charges, ya' sick animal ("research" my arse).

The Kids Are All Tight
An article dealing with the abstinence of teens today

Tommy, Can You Hear Lee?
An op-ed written by Pamela Anderson Lee in response to Tommy Lee?s denial that he gave her hepatitis B

Sure Plays A Mean Racquet Ball
An in-depth profile of Frank Calvino, the Scrabble champion who also likes to play racquet ball

You Ain?t Seen Nothing Yet
An article about blind people

Talking ?Bout My Gentrification
An interview with ex-Mayor Rudolph Guliani and how he successfully made Manhattan an island of rich white people

Won?t Get Mauled Again
Profiles of past bear attack victims and their inspiring story of survival and plastic surgery

Waaaaaayyne, Wayne Over Me
The secret underground cult religion of Wayne Gretzky worshippers

Bob O?Highly
A study of how people are more likely to trust and think better of people named Bob

I Can?t Explain
An exclusive inside look into the phenomena of high school teachers not being able to explain stuff.

Roger?s Dull Tree
The story of local resident, Roger Manson and his lawsuit against the city for cutting down his trees


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