Wednesday, June 23, 2004


Wednesday June 23rd. 10:35 AM

Whoa. Where am I? Better yet, who am I?
Oh yeah. I'm guitar god, Eddie Van Halen.

Wednesday June 23rd. 10:38 AM

Who do I have to give an autograph to for a bottle of Jack over here?
Cool. I'm in a hotel. I'll call room service.

Wednesday June 23rd 10:43 AM

Called room service. My bottle of Jack is on the way. I hope the bell boy doesn't mind bringing it to my bed. After all, guitar gods do not get out of bed for s***.

Wednesday June 23rd 10:46 AM

That was the best bottle of Jack I have ever had a bell boy pour into my mouth for me. Well, there was that time in Las Vegas...but that doesn't count because that was a long time ago and I was just a guitar demigod then. Now I am a full-on guitar god.

Wednesday June 23rd 1:15 PM

I had breakfast and played some guitar...uh, excuse me--I shredded. I just realized that sometimes I can't even see my own fingers cuz they move so quickly. Which comes incredibly handy when I need to pick my nose in public. I haven't been caught yet! I watched some MTV while I had my breakfast and I saw this video for this guy named Usher. I tell ya, this s*** looks mighty silly with the "oh yeahs" and "what's"--just plain stoopid. I remember playing that guitar solo for Michael Jackson during "Thriller." Now, that was the real s***. And that was back when I was just a guitar son-of-god. Geez, why's he gotta play with the children? I keep tellin' him, Mike, I said, you're like the richest guy in the world who is not a guitar god. Why not just pay really hot chicks to hang with you? That's what Sammy Hagar does. HA HA! I just zinged Sammy! I sure hope they don't publish this after I die and Sammy reads it and says, man, Eddie, that is so uncool.

Wednesday June 23rd 1:47 PM

Maybe it wasn't so nice to name my son "Wolfgang..."

Wednesday June 23rd 2:33 PM

People ask me all the time, Eddie, how does it feel to be a guitar god? And I finally have an answer; it feels like being god but just a god of the guitar. Ya' know what I mean? I can't like change the weather but I can reign--that, my friend, was good one.

Wednesday June 23rd 3:54 PM

We go on stage in just a few hours. It's so amazing to be back on the road playing arenas. I just got a call from Dave and he wished me luck which was really nice. At least, I think he wished me luck. I couldn't really understand what he was saying. It took me like five minutes to even realize it was Roth. Do I miss touring with him? Well, does Milli miss touring with Vanilli? I'm thinking he does. But maybe that's not such a good example because Milli was and will never be a guitar god. I, on the other hand, am. But back to Dave: sounding more like Cubic Zirconium nowadays. Not the Diamond of the yesteryear. So sad how that happens. If it wasn't like gay, I would offer him a hug. He sounds like he could use one. A hug from a guitar god is a gift from the rock star heavens. Like a Dido song if Dido songs were cool

Wednesday June 23rd 4:17 PM

I had no idea that watching the pimping of a ride could be so fun. Idea for next MTV show: Pimp My Guitar with host guitar god, Edward Van Halen. Which reminds me, I've been meaning to get a Playstation 2 console built into my guitar. Because that seems like the most practical thing to do right now. Oh, and I must have something to check my email. People always busting my f***in' chops because I'm not writing back. Now, I'll just email 'em while I'm soloing during "When It's Love."

Wednesday June 23rd 5:31 PM

Just hung out with Alex for a pre-show dinner. How cool is that--that I get to tour with my brother, the best drummer in the world? Dare I say that he is a drum god? Possibly. Have to check with Neil Peart first to see if the title is still available. I've been thinking that I would love to meet Steve Guttenberg. I'm not sure why. Just feel like I need to.

Wednesday June 23rd 6:45

Sound check went well. Now, I'm watching a repeat of "One Day At A Time." Schneider is a total character. I miss Valerie. I wonder if she misses being Mrs. Guitar God. This may be the last post I write before I go on stage tonight. Which is cool because being on stage absolutely rocks hard.

Wednesday June 23rd 7:22 PM

Note to self: You are a guitar god. You are a guitar god. You are a guitar god. You are a guitar god. You are a guitar god. You are a guitar god. You are a guitar god. You are a guitar god.

Wednesday June 23rd 7:53 PM

Pssst. Eddie, you are a guitar god. RAWK!


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