Monday, August 02, 2004


I am still trying to figure out why I should vote for John Kerry. Somehow, because he isn't George Bush, isn't reason enough for me. I find it quite disheartening that the Democratic Party is running on a Beat Bush platform. Isn't there anything stronger than that? Is that the inspiration we're looking for? Or are we beginning to notice that Kerry will say anything to anyone at any time. Kerry, are you the play-dough of the 2004 Election?

How can we get the apathetic voters to come out of their homes on Election Day and vote for a person that only had the personality of a high school principal that's trying so hard to be cool? I've been thinking about this a great deal--frankly, I don't know if I will be voting this year. I find myself becoming that apathetic voter. Mr. A. Pathetic Voterstein. Yes, I've heard your argument; blah blah every person counts. Arye, you need to partake in history, in the making of America. In risk of sounding misinformed—oh, wait a second, I am, like a majority of my fellow Americans--I don't want to be responsible for what happens in the next four years. It scares me. And is it voting or dying, as P. Diddy posits. Well, P. has apparently forgotten about a third option--sitting on my couch and watching CNN.

When I decide what I want for dinner, I don't think about what I'm not in the mood for. When I chose my television programming, I don't browse through the shows I don't want to watch.

I wonder if the country--out of complete dissatisfaction-just decided not to vote this year and the election turned out numbers in the hundreds, would the government only then get the message? How can a country of ours with such opportunity and talent produce two candidates of such damned potential (damned if we do...)?

Having watched the Democratic Convention last week, it has become apparent to me that politics is not so different from a science fiction movie. No substance, just special effects.
When did the Democratic Party become so tofu? Bland. I feel so un-full.
The more I think about it, the more it frustrates me.

Canada really looks nice.


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