Wednesday, September 15, 2004


"You know what I love about you? I love that you don't have internet access at home."
"I mean, really. It's so nice. I really admire that. It's so old fashioned and also so bold. It's really a statement."
"I think you may be over-reacting. I'm just too lazy to set this computer up and get internet access."
"Yeah, well, I think it's pretty cool. I admire so many things about you."
"Are you ok? What brought on all of this...this gushing?"
"I'm not know, I was walking through the subway tunnel this morning. You know, the one that goes from the 1 and 9 to the ACE--"
"It always smells like urine."
"That's my fault--"
"--anyway, I was walking through that long tunnel and I just looked at everyone walking by. Like, looked at them for the first time. I didn't just walk briskly, focusing on the music coming from my iPod, ignoring my surroundings. I looked into these peoples' faces. Like, looked at them and I saw something I never thought about before. This is going to sound really silly..."
"Go on."
"Every person that walked by...I was suddenly aware of the fact that every one of them had, at one point in their life, been in love. Been heartbroken. Experienced a powerful emotional connection. That they felt so driven by something greater than them. I couldn't believe it. It was a very overwhelming acknowledge that while my feelings for you are super unique, there are so many people that could understand the concept of those emotions."
"That's a pretty weighty thought. To be in such a mental space on a standard morning commute. Too much coffee perhaps."
"So, I'm looking at all these people and I'm focusing on their facial expressions, trying hard to look deep into their experiences, their souls, their depth and all I could do was promise myself that every person I interact with, from that point on, that I would treat them with understanding and patience. It just so happens that right now the priority is you."
"That's really sweet. And I kind of hear what you're saying...that if we focus on ourselves right now and this immediate space...on our connection...then maybe we'll send out this vibe that could potentially influence the atmosphere around us. Is that presumptuous to think we have that ability but who knows?"
"Yes, you're getting exactly what I'm saying. If people decided to set an example by treating one another in such a glorious way, others have no choice but to be jealous and want to reflect that connection. Who wouldn't want to have something pure, something so joyous and wonderful? Why wouldn't you want to be great to each other if you saw how fulfilling it is?"
"You make it sound so simple. Forming a substantial connection is not so easy."
"Ah ha. But whoever said it was supposed to be? I don't know, baby, I just think that this...that this concept of "us" is all about effort and determination. Take our differences, for example. How do I view them; do i see them as deterents that keep me away because I'm not sure about conflict or do I embrace them as something that you bring to the table, something that I want to know more about. Something unique that makes us more layered and complementary. Why would I want myself in another person. Gosh, I've been in my body for 29 years already. I'm looking for a change."
"Meaning just as long as we are there together...then, that's the important thing."
"Yes. Exactly. With you, I could do anything. And everything. But as an individual, I don't have that same strength. There's something to be said about that. Like Adam and Eve were made from each other literally and I think that set the precedent for the rest of time for couples and love. We feel complete together because, really, originally we came from one another. That rib I'm missing, that's you. See, I don't have that rib anymore but you bring it to me. That difference, you know? Like a puzzle piece."
"Like someone is destined to be with you because the reality is that she or he may have almost litreally come from you. Like physically."
"Yes. That's why we feel so driven to certain people because they remind of completion, of home. Of a better place."
"And you thought about all of this on the way to the subway?"
"It's a long walk."


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