Friday, September 10, 2004


Bring Back Sincerity: So, it's nice to have you back. We haven't spoken in a while.
Arye Dworken: Yup. You're right. It's been, I think, a few months.
BBS: And how have those few months been?
AD: Hmmm...It's a good question. I've been spending the past week and half or so thinking about that. Can I say that they were unforgettable?
BBS: Ha ha. We don't have a "Survey Says" here, Arye. You can use whatever words you want.
AD: Well, then, that's what I'm going with. They were pretty incredible and rich. A wonderful time to be alive.
BBS: Sounds like your attitude is quite positive. I remember speaking with you last December and you said that your only complaint was that there weren't enough emotional catalysts in your day-to-day.
AD: You could say that it's definitely changed. You know, BBS, I really have found such an incredible appreciation for friends. It's unfortunate that we have to go through such challenging times to discover how meaningful those connections truly are. I have been speaking with so many people on the phone, meeting them for lunch, having drinks at night with them. That gives me so much strength.
BBS: People always see that a weakness unfortunately. Being dependent is not a bad thing. You have these tough people who insist that they don't need anybody that they can carry on independently. I think those people are really missing out.
Arye: I agree. I really do. I'm finding that the friends I have are genuinely concerned. Maybe it's a sign of maturity, maybe it's this need to make sincere and significant connections...I'm not sure. I mean, I think that I've changed a great deal. I think that I have become very emotionally capable over the past few months. You know what I mean?
BBS: Yes, I do. It's nice to hear all of this. But can I ask why it is that you're turning to friends in this time?
AD: Life has its ups and downs. It has been a very unpredictable time of my life. I feel like I have walked to the moon and back.
BBS: Wow, that's good exercise.
AD: Ha. It is. You know...I think music has also been incredibly helpful Cheesy as this sounds, I have been paying attention to so many lyrics. Some times I listen to sad music, some times I listen to songs like Modest Mouse's "Float On..."
BBS: And we'll all float on okay...
AD: Yeah, that's the one. You know? It really is an inspirational song. The lyrics and the sentiment are so simple but then again, I find the comfort in the simplicity of pop music. The more accessible the song, the more I find myself finding comfort in it. Like Avril Lavigne's new song....
BBS: No!
AD: Yes. Really. I can't remember the name of it but the one that goes "you were everything, everything that I wanted..." and I totally understand what she's saying. Even though, the inspiration for that song may have been an episode of The OC as opposed to a real occurrence, I appreciate it.
BBS: Life's been a bit rocky for you.
AD: What doesn't kill us only makes us stronger. Use it in the next experience.
BBS: C'mon. You can't really mean that, can you? Let's ignore "killing." What about pain, not sleeping...tension, anxiety...what about all of that?
AD: Man, Bring, it's all there. Everyone experiences something like that in their life. It sucks. Don't get me wrong but I've said this to you before; feeling something is so important. How many people do we know that don't feel or don't allow themselves to?
BBS: Many.
AD: Well, I'm not one of them. That's an amazing thing. It's like never realizing I had a right arm and then one morning, waking up noticing it. What the?!?! I have a right arm. Typing will be so much easier now. I could hold two bags. I could pick my nose while using the left hand to hide the act.
BBS: Ha ha.
AD: So, yes, discovering your emotions, your feelings...finding depth is confusing and overwhelming. It's crazy. Don't let me kid you. It's an effin' rollercoaster but it's so special to me. I wouldn't be what I am today if I didn't have that experience.
BBS: Can I play devil's advocate?
AD: Sure.
BBS: If I said I had a time machine right now and I could take you back before you were hurt or whatever...
AD: Yeah...?
BBS: Would you go and change everything?
AD: That's a very tough question to answer. Because a part of me that is hurt wants to say yes. But then I cherish the falling as much as the getting up. I don't know...There may be little aspects I would have changed but not the whole thing.
BBS: Like...?
AD: I would have been more attentive, for one. You know, we're so used to living in our little bubble that we don't give our complete attention to someone else.
BBS: You can't read minds, though.
AD: How do you know?
BBS: Ha ha. Look, you can only do so much. Haven't we always said that communication is the most important compenent of a relationship. Without the constant can it survive?
AD: Perhaps. Actually, no. You're right. Communication is important. So important.
BBS: So what now?
AD: I guess I start a new chapter. When the previous one is closed for you, really, you have no choice but to start the next one.
BBS: How do you feel?
AD: Nervous. I have no idea what will come next. It's a very open chapter. Quite intimidating actually.
BBS: Well, on behalf of BBS, we wish you luck, Arye. You deserve it.
AD: Thanks a lot. I really appreciate that. I think I need all the luck I can get.
BBS: Ladies & Gentlemen, Arye Dworken. Good night. And until next time when we bring back sincerity again.


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