Tuesday, September 07, 2004


"If you knew the words I mean to say...
Maybe I can't say these things at all.

I put these songs in perfect form
To say what I could never voice
And I hope you hear right past these songs.
And you know why we belong..."

- Viva Voce, "Mixtape=Love"

I propose that everyone who reads this posting goes home after work or school today and looks through their music collections. Think long and hard about the songs you love. If you have never paid attention to lyrics before, do so now. This is the day to do that. You will find a richness in music that you've never found before. A treasure in your room. Yes! A roomfull of treasure and richness. A winning lottery ticket.

Put those CDs, tapes, records, MP3s aside and think some more. Who should you make a mix for? Who deserves a heartfelt collection of your thoughts and emotions? Who? Is it an ex-girlfriend you want to win back? Is it a close friend that has supported you in times of hardship? Is it a parent you are trying to musically educate? It could be all these and more. A roommate who always asks you "what are you listening to?" A boyfriend that needs the inspiration to be more expressive. Someone deserves it.

Make that mixtape...or CD. Today. Tonight. Buy a blank CD on the way home from work. Yes, there's a Staples near you. Don't be lazy. It's only three blocks from the subway.

Remember, it's a gift that one can appreciate for a lifetime. It's a present that someone could dig up twenty years from now and remember everything about you. It's a photo album of tunes. Unlike a scent, it never wears off. Listen to a song and everything comes back like a flood of emotions; of laughs and sadness and pain and happiness and truth and passion and wonderment and joy and love.

Make a mix for someone you care about, someone you love, someone who will be a part of your genetic and emotional structure, and you will be forever. You will be eighty (or ninety) minutes of beauty and truth, ugliness and brutality. You are that mix. That mix is you.

I should know. I've made two of the most important mixes of my life in the past week.


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