Tuesday, November 02, 2004


Yesterday I received a phone call from Elizabeth Edwards asking me to vote.
I thanked her for calling but then realized you're not supposed to talk to recordings. They're generally pretty unresponsive.
But before this, I couldn't remember her calling me before. Lizzie must have a lot invested in this one.

Then upon waking this morning, I noticed that the anxiety in the atmosphere is palpable.
I can't remember a day like this, one that has so much universal significance. The United States is going through its very own Choose Your Own Adventure book and it fears picking the wrong page. Don't pick the wrong page, USA, or you may wind up getting eaten by a brain-eating zombie!

Frankly, I'm happy that Election Day is finally here. All the build-up to it (is it really November 2nd already?), deep breathe after deep breathe. Speculations abound. Political roundabouts. The sadness found in the realization that these two candidates were the best our country could offer. It worries me. A few weeks back, I wrote that I would consider not voting because...well, I didn't want to be responsible for giving my future, our future, to either Kerry or Bush. Bush will most likely screw it up while Kerry won't know what to do with it. Many friends reacted to my "complacency" with disappointment and anger, as if I had told them I was thinking of killing a puppy or two. Which I would not rule out doing if I had a Sunday afternoon with nothing to do and one puppy too many. But...

I am voting. So, rest easy.

But if last night is any indication of the future, well, I anticipate it. Because it was the first time in ages that I had a significant conversation that didn't revolve around politics. It finally felt good to not focus on the weighty and pressing. Sue me if I like to relax on my couch and watch something light-hearted and apolitical like The West Wing...ok, maybe not such a good example. You know what I mean.

After I got home, after my night out sans political talk, feeling that the anxious and tense time was soon over, I got a text message on my cell phone that read "Vote Kerry!"
You know this must be an important election if my cellphone even has an opinion.


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