Friday, November 19, 2004


Last night, I watched my first complete episode of The OC. And well, truthfully, I kinda enjoyed it.
Besides the indie-rock-centric plot revolving around the Walkmen, one of my favorite local New York bands, the forced and obviously scripted banter was quite fun to follow. I didn't mind that with every word spoken I could see a room full of disheveled twenty-somethings typing it out. The characters, while beautiful, were approachable. I almost found myself hoping that I had or would have friends like them.

Granted I've come late to the series but I think last night's episode was a particular relevant one for me to begin my viewing experience. First off, the focal point of the episode was Adam Brody's character otherwise known as "Seth Cohen." I am beyond a shadow of a doubt certain that his character was based on me. I am certain that the Fox people are watching me with hidden cameras and have bugged my room with little useable microphones. Since we are both geeky (the act of self-proclaiming is never attractive. I know that) and we both obsess over things perhaps too much. Basically, we are both the products of watching too many Woody Allen movies.

But I find a great comfort in Cohen because he is not instantly likeable. The comic-reading, music obsessed character is not someone you take notice of when he walks into a room. But oddly enough, he has surfaced as the sex symbol of the show. It took us two seasons to familiarize ourselves with him but when we got there (to Know), we were happy to be there. I can only hope that that too is a similarity that we share.

On a recent Saturday night, I went to a party at a club of some sorts. The music was quite loud and the interactions between men and woman were not of a conversational nature. Needless to say, I felt out of my element because, like Cohen, my strength lies in talking, not grinding.

I couldn't help but think that we find such value in taking the time to get to know a television character but yet we ignore our need to get to know the people around us. As I looked around the party, I saw many attractive people. I wondered if they were having a good time. I wondered which one of them would be interesting to talk to. But that night, I wouldn't find out because on this Saturday night, no one was interested in having a conversation.


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