Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Albums that are now in rotation:
And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead "Worlds Apart"
The Album Leaf "In A Safe Place"
Pinback "Summer In Abaddon"
Mia Doi Todd "Manzanita"
Stars "Set Yourself On Fire"
Green Day "American Idiot"
Regina Spektor "Soviet Kitsch"
Low "The Great Destroyer"
The Cure "Staring At The Sea"


Dude, MTA,

Seriously, like what's your deal? This C Train fiasco is so uncool and you so know it. Remember like a few years ago in September when the subway system was in total chaos mode and you guys totally pulled it together in like a few months. And this time...? A homeless guy with a lighter. For real? Some random begger that talks to himself and collects empty soda cans took us down? Is he really more powerful than Al Queda? Maybe we should send homeless people over to Iraq and this war would be over in no time.
Or maybe the next time I take the subway, I should keep my Duane Reade matches at home. I would hate the cripple the B line as well.
Yes, I know I'm being sarcastic and obnoxious. Sorry. I know it's uncalled for. I'm just so frustrated with you. I feel like the older you get, the more inefficient you are. Perhaps we should just abandon the C train altogether and invest our time in developing rocket-powered jet packs for everyone on Central Park West. Expense, shmexpense. This is Central Park West, baby. Most of us can afford them with the exception of the guys in my apartment but we'll chip in for one and share it. Like I'll have the jetpack on Thursday nights and Seth will have it on Monday mornings. What about Sundays? Who will get the jetpack then? Hmmm. That needs to be discussed. And can you use the jetpack after you've had a couple of drinks...? Well, it depends on whether the jetpack is on manual or automatic. Which reminds me to suggest that the jetpacks should have an automatic feature. Very important.
But I digress. MTA, get yr act together. C'mon now. I have my monthly pass. I'm committed to you. How come I don't feel the love? Why doesn't this seem mutual here?

Write me back when you have the chance. I know you're busy with warding off homeless people harnessing weapons of mass destruction, i.e. Zippo lighters. If you need some help, I think MacGuyver just came out on DVD and it's incredible inspiration for fixing stuff and creating stuff, etc.

Waiting for you,


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