Sunday, January 30, 2005


(V2 Record)

Woe is Moby. Lord knows it’s not easy being bald, vegan, and sensitive. Moby wears glasses, drinks a great deal of tea (even has his own line of herbal beverages), and was recently cruelly attacked for no apparent reason other than the fact that he’s Moby. But the man born Richard Melville Hall has always acknowledged his inner-wimp faster than you could say, “how much do I get paid for the use of my song in a commercial?” In fact on the January 30th entry of his online journal (updated daily), Moby tells us that he’s “the first to admit that I’m not a tough guy.” His newest release, Hotel, proves just how accurate he is at making self-evaluations. With fourteen songs that start with “Raining Again” (sample lyric: “sadness like water/raining down”), continue with an ethereal cover of New Order’s “Temptation” and ends with “Homeward Angel,” a composition that would sound appropriate at a funeral, Hotel oozes with a synthetically-produced sensitivity not found since Haley Joel Osment’s android character in A.I. Eschewing his trademarked blues-flavored samples for his own vocals, Moby composes a whole album of music from scratch which is a truly bold move for the veteran New York DJ. The only slight problem is that Moby’s singing voice isn’t American Idol-worthy but his earnestness and authenticity attempt to compensate for that. While your vegan-bashing, bald-hating, coffee-drinking friends may find plenty to mock with Melville’s newest release, Moby means well. He wants nothing more than to truly move you and in a war-mongering world, that’s a valiant and admirable mission. Even if the aforementioned moving may be far away from his new album.


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