Monday, August 22, 2005


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Where have I been? Good question. It's been all week and you haven't heard from me but I assure you that the week past was certainly more hectic than this week will be. So I will be with you once again. And we will hold one another like brothers. Like brothers who can hold one another without starting unfortunate rumors.

Why was I so busy: well, on Wednesday night, Jenny and I drove to Philadelphia and back to review a concert. Jenny was a tremendous sport for coming along and therefore, I dedicate this post to her. I won't waste your time with the details because you can read all about it here.

Then on Thursday night, I DJed a great party from 8PM until 3AM. Because we rented all the equipment for this "gig," I had to spend most of Thursday and Friday returning it.

I won't bore you with further detail of daily activity but I will tell you that on many occasion during the past few days, I have thought about you and found myself experiencing a roller coaster of emotions. For one, the evacuation of settlements has upset me greatly. Regardless of the political long-term view, taking people from their homes and jobs is sad. And as my doorman said, this whole situation is bad news. No matta' how you slice it.
He's right.
As I watched the news coverage of the protests and expulsions I had the weird sensation that I was watching a family fight. This just wasn't appropriate for public consumption. These were our home videos. The upcoming expulsion in the West Bank promises to be no different as far as drama is concerned. And yes, these compromises are important but I can't ignore the slight pang in me that jabs its elbows into my consciousness and tells me that these lands are being given over to the Palestinians because, essentially, we are responding to their violence and murder. It seems that this is negotiating with terrorists. There's a great deal I could write on this but I would have to formulate it some more.

Then last night, I had the pleasure of seeing Sufjan Stevens live at the Bowery Ballroom. I will be seeing him again tomorrow night for his final night of six sold-out shows, and then on the following day, I hope to write a bit about the show.

Again, I apologize for leaving you for the week but I am back. Whether you noticed or not.


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