Friday, September 16, 2005


Two reviews for you. One that's a lot of fun and one that's kinda not. Bummer.

Rogue Wave
Descended Like Vultures
(Sub Pop)

A few years back, Zach Schwartz probably decided that Schwartz Wave didn’t make the best band name, so he changed his surname to “Rogue” and recorded one of the best, overlooked albums of 2004. Out of the Shadow (Sub Pop) was rife with melodies so effortless and sublime that it played like a kick to the Shins, the likeminded Albuquerque labelmates who were successfully changing Natalie Portman’s life. Descended Like Vultures, Rogue Wave’s second release, is another warped carnival ride into the school of more power, less pop. First song, “Bird on a Wire,” makes the unconventional songwriting apparent by sprinkling it with a demonic merry-go-round organ, but, like the rest of Vultures, the chorus eventually and mercilessly swoops in and grabs hold. While this unpretentious album won’t boldly claim to change your life, it will sure make it a lot more pleasant.

Broken Social Scene
Broken Social Scene
(Arts & Crafts)

The Broken Social Scene’s second album, You Forgot it in People was embraced by the indie rock community like it was Jesus’ debut album but the Canadian collaborative’s critical hit was actually nothing more than a happy accident. With a rotating cast of 15-plus musicians, band members came in and out of the studio and contributed to the Scene’s gay-marrying, weed-smoking, French-speaking free spirit. And while it worked supremely and exceedingly well on the last record, this time their art rock sounds a bit disjointed, sonically murky, and overall, too arty. Granted expectations are high for the new release but some of the recycled ideas found throughout the self-titled indicate that key members Kevin Drew and Brendan Canning weren’t feeling truly compelled to live up to them. Yes, it takes some time to acquaintance oneself with a new Social Scene but just prepare yourself to start looking for another one.


Blogger Brian said...

yeah Arye, I'm having a bit of trouble warming up to the new BSS too. Still feeling out the Rogue Wave, but I'll say this - the single is bonkers.

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