Wednesday, December 07, 2005


Acid House Kings
Sing Along With Acid House Kings

There must something in Sweden's water. With a population of only nine million, the country has produced an incredibly wide spectrum of sounds ranging from the most frightening death metal (Carnage, Entombed) to the most synthetic pop music ever made (NSYNC songwriter Max Martin hails from there). But of all the noise emanating from the Scandinavian skies, nothing sounds more disarming and innocent than the twee pop of the Acid House Kings.

Bearing an incredibly misleading name, the Acid House Kings have nothing to do with acid house, a genre which is "a variant of house music characterized by the use of simple tone generators with tempo-controlled resonant filters" (Wikipedia) but rather their music is a sarcastic-free collection of precious chamber-folk. Had Sing Along With... been released in 1968, it would have now been cherished and categorized as an underrated classic alongside the likeminded releases by the Left Banke and the Free Design. AHK’s brothers Jonah and Niklas Angergard write complex harmonies yet accessible pop structures coupled with paradoxically bitter lyrics that assist the songs in avoiding an overwhelming sweetness. The album’s best track “Will You Love Me In The Morning” sublimely addresses the subtle irritations sometimes found in a long-term relationship. She thinks it’s just too difficult to work through all the problems. He optimistically pleads, “We can go far. May our love be.” She says back, We’ll see. He persists and begs one last time: “We can go far.” And with an acoustic guitar strumming an inconclusive final note, the song ends with a question mark.


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