Tuesday, October 10, 2006


I wonder if hearing the song "Bad Day" actually contributes further to having a bad day. It's unquestionably an annoying song. It's so smug. I feel like it actually does the exact opposite of what's intended.

And what's that?

To reassure me that everyone has a bad day. But its sentiment is so generic that I find it rather offensive. Yes, I'm having a bad day but what makes you think your trite song is going to change that? I would say that's pretty presumptuous.

I think you're being overtly sensitive. It's a pop song.

It's one of the most popular pop songs in recent chart history.

A one-hit wonder.

A very successful one-hit wonder.

What's the point here? There's a reason we're having this discussion.

Well, I'm having a bad day and this guy Daniel Powter has no idea...

That's not fair. Maybe he knew what a bad day was when he wrote the song. Maybe the bad day that inspired the song was so much worse than your bad day.

You're trying to put things in perspective, aren't you? I hate perspective.

Look, things are tough, I know.

They are. I keep thinking that maybe I'm doing something wrong. Why do I feel like I'm the constant recipient of rejection?

It doesn't make sense to me either. Honestly. I've thought about this. But look at it from this angle: struggle makes us interesting.

I would give anything to be boring.

I knew you would say that...you're also that much more prepared in handling disappointment.

Is this a perk?

The other day, I realized that I just recently started believing in karma.


So maybe we're doing something wrong here. Maybe, just maybe, we need to be projecting a betterness into the atmosphere.

Ha ha. You don't mind if I laugh, do you?

Laugh all you want. I am aware of the fact that I sound like a hippie. But that being said, why not play it safe?

Want to know the most annoying part of struggling? It always makes me second guess my decisions. Like, is this struggle the kind of resistance that requires a reevaluation, a change of plans, or is it the stuggle that comes with an eventual happy ending?

If only it were more obvious.

Yeah. Because this is exhausting.

You're having a bad day.

Such an annoying song...



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