Monday, October 09, 2006


Missed me on Friday?
Of course you did, shmoopie.

Oh...I thought it was okay to call you "shmoopie?" I guess not.

In any event, it's Monday. It's a good Monday. The weather's great and I'm feeling a bit liberated considering I just returned to my apartment from a three-day stint in New Jersey. Why not start the week with a bang?

The bang that I provide you with today is by a band called Mute Math which, yes, is an awful name, and also brings me to the lesson of the day:

The kids hate math
Math, geometry, algebra, trigonometry...these are all subjects the kids despise. It's best not to use these mathematical subjects in your band name. Why? Well, most people who claim to like these words are probably (and I say "probably") geeks. You don't want geeks coming to your shows because geeks will not rock out.

Although, it should be noted that using a number in your band name is acceptable like Blink 182. But once you start using arithmetic symbols, like +44, this becomes a problem and geekdom ensues.

Mute Math - "Noticed"


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