Thursday, October 12, 2006


On occasion, I'll be sitting at the computer like I'm doing right now ( meta. Sitting at a computer writing about sitting at a computer...) and I'll want to phase out the noise completely and focus. Like the Ford car.

When this happens, lyrics often get in the way.
I want to avoid the habit of listening to a song and wondering, wait, is this singer effectively conveying to me his-or-her broken-heartedness? Does that lyrical analogy comparing a welcome mat to a heart really work for me?
Frankly, this practice gets distracting.

Mark tells me he hates techno. I understand his reticence. He is neither clubbing in Barcelona nor raving in Dusseldorf. Right now, he is sitting at a desk located in Los Angeles, California probably checking lame emails. Techno isn't really all that appropriate for checking lame emails at your desk in California or for that matter, anywhere outside of a venue located in the aforementioned European cities. With that in mind, unlike Mark, I have a soft spot for Underworld. The technotronica DJ duo gets my heart pumping, my fingers typing, and my roommates questioning my sexual preference.

Yes, I'm straight.

All I'm asking is listen to this track "Rez" on headphones. Heck, try jogging to it and tell me it wasn't exhilarating.

Yes, straight people use the word "exhilarating." Punk.

Underworld - "Rez"


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, Arye, this post reminds me of why I admire you so.

1:39 AM  
Blogger Arye said...

I would expect you to admire me for no other reason than my not-so secret love for techno.

8:53 AM  

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