Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Four More Years Mug
So, while you weren't looking, Bring Back Sincerity turned four-years-old. Hard to believe, right? My first post on February 18th, 2003 simply said, "Welcome, friend. You are wanted here." It's an incredibly minimal and straightforward opening, and while I've never suffered from a shortage of words, the brevity still feels very appropriate.

Despite the slack I get on a regular basis for the corny name, Bring Back Sincerity began in a response to the overwhelming snarkiness and irony then so very prevalent. Granted, the name could have been perhaps a bit more subtle, but I picked it and alas, I'm stuck with it. Although, if there's someone to blame, it's Liz Jones, a good friend who chided me regularly for my earnestness and sincerity. I would make a heartfelt proclamation and Liz would say something along the lines of, "Arye's bringing back sincerity again." Jokingly, one day she even suggested that that's what I should name my blog if I had ever started one.

Little did she know that I would do just that.

I started BBS in a effort to deal with the incredible and sudden loss of my father. As a typical male in his 20's suffering from an inability to properly express my thoughts and emotions, I needed something to unload on in some way. As retroactively cliche as that probably sounds to you--I mean, what blog isn't about self-expression and self-involvement?--this outlet meant a tremendous deal to me. It was my weekly therapy session, it was my confidante, my virtual diary, and it was surreal and flattering whenever people either wrote me comments or mentioned the blog to me in person. In fact, just last night, a writer and colleague that I respect mentioned that she still reads BBS on occasion. It's an enormous thrill to know that my thoughts, my opinions and my ramblings are worthy enough of wasting her time. It's also a serious thrill to know that I'm not an idiot.

As time passed, BBS became less and less about my father and expression and more about being a creative outlet. Sometimes, I wrote about music, television, culture, morality, heartbreak, and love, and then at other times, I wrote imaginary sequels to popular novels, essays on MTV's Sweet Sixteen and transcriptions between Keanu Reeves and me. And truthfully, I've enjoyed every second of it (which is not necessarily synonymous with pride. In fact, sometimes I look back at old posts and blush with embarrassment).

Currently, I make a living as a writer and sadly I don't have the time for writing on BBS like I used to. And whenever a day goes by and I haven't posted here, I feel like I've skipped out on a basic function. I know the past few weeks have been sporadic at best but I'm trying my damndest to bring back with regularity. BBS has been an invaluabe resource for me and I can't belittle its importance in my life. Using this platform as an outlet has given me the opportunity to verbalize and articulate my innermost thoughts. But most importantly, it has allowed me to wrestle with the strange complexity of the loss of someone so close. Four years is a long time in the Internet world but it's like five seconds in real time. 2003 still feels like yesterday and me...well, I'm still trying to figure out some of the same things that challenged me during that cold and painful winter.

But we're still here and we've got a lot of catching up to do. In the meantime, happy birthday, BBS, and of course, welcome back, friend. You're still wanted here.

Monday, February 26, 2007


You know how sometimes you play that game when you look at people and try to figure out what animal they look like? I love that game.

Before we get back into the regular rotation, here is what I've been up to and why Sincerity has been brought back so infrequently.

1. I'm writing reviews for Artist Direct on a regular basis. Thus far, I have written a review on Klaxons, the Frames, and Explosions In the Sky. Many more to come.

2. I wrote the cover story on Feist for Venus Zine. I got my issue in the mail today--it should be on newsstands everywhere in the next day or two.

3. I interviewed Yoko Ono for Flaunt Magazine where I was just "promoted" to the position of Contributing Writer. Smoov.

4. I purchased these Nike Air Force 1 Mid Premiums, also known as "Thanksgiving."

5. Here's a Song of the Day.

-- Palomar - "Bury Me Closer"

Tuesday, February 20, 2007


So, hey.

I wish that I had more time to write to you. I know that I've been distant of late but there's been a number of things going on. Sometimes, I feel like a juggler who's thrown too many balls in the air. I can't possibly catch them all, ya know? I've got to let at least a couple of them drop.

But I promise that you are not one of those balls. I would never, ever reduce you to a dropped ball. You're worth so much more than that. Like even more than Britney's hair.

Where to begin?
Well, yesterday I got acupuncture for the first time ever and not because Dr. Oz on Oprah suggested it, but because it's been a long time coming. Tonight, I saw a screening for Hot Fuzz which was pretty brilliant. But it's not all fun and games. I've picked up some freelance gigs and been sitting here at the computer for unthinkable periods of time. And you know what? All writers are underpaid. End of story.

Where's the big pay-off? Still unclear but we're still juggling, right? Let's at least promise to check in on one another more often to prevent this from becoming awkward where we only say "hey" every few days and then this deteriorates into Acquaintanceville. Will ya do that for me? Start coming by more frequently?

Cool. Here's a song for you. I'm digging this guy.

"Calm Down Dearest" - Jamie T

Monday, February 12, 2007


Well, that's simple. It's right here.

Heeb Magazine's Love Issue is now on sale with a cover by illustrator R. Crumb. I contributed the Chosen Music feature on Guster.

Thursday, February 01, 2007


I'm always telling ya, Sloan, man. Rock 'n roll is alive and well. It's just living up north. But yeah, yeah, I can talk about something 'til I'm blue in the face but how 'bout we bring it instead.

Oh, it's brought thirty-one times below.

A Very Special Sloan Mix

Spread the Sloan love. But please do so with your pants on.