Monday, August 17, 2009


What's prompted me to return to the Sincere Cave after having not visited for a month? I'm hoping that you'll help me--all twelve of you--in winning a million dollars.

See, we have a puppy. His name is Barrett. We talk about him ad nauseum. You know those people who shows pictures of their kids to friends? We're like that. Except those pictures are infinitely more adorable. Case in point:

Ridiculous, right? A big ridiculous cake with ridiculous frosting with ridiculous cream filling inside. Well, we've entered Barrett in a contest to win a million dollars. It's the Cutest Dog Competition and we'd like to win. All you have to do is vote every day for the next five days. It's not that hard. You go here and vote. And voila--I'm that much closer to a million dollars.

Admit it. It would be pretty cool to say, I know a guy who got a puppy and entered a contest and won a million dollars. No, seriously.
I know, right? So cool.