Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I do miss the Internet. I genuinely do. There are time when I'm sitting at my desk and I think about writing on a blog, but then I resort to looking at pictures of sneakers that won't be out for another seven months. It's weird. To not be productive, to invest so much time in wasting so much time. And to be honest, whenever I do feel this genuine spurt of creativity, the need to write, I wonder aloud, Twitter.

There are so many people updating their Twitter, their blogs, their Facebook feeds that quite frankly it seems selfish of me to contribute to that mass noise. Jerry mentioned to me that information is made up of atoms and one day we'll have so much out there that we may run out of atoms. An extreme outcome, or more likely an episode of The Twilight Zone (TZ, totes miss you! Pouring some out for you, homey), but think of this constant flow of more. A water faucet pouring at full force. This weeks New York Magazine features a Johnny-come-lately cover devoted to this Brooklyn music scene, maybe you've heard of it, but this is not another exhausting attempt at canonizing the Dirty Projectors (one, because I don't like them), rather, a side bar devoted to Brooklyn's digital tastemakers. One specific comment by one of these influential voices resonated with me not for the reason she intended:

"“There were eight to ten really big music blogs when I started. Now there are probably a hundred. Everything seems over saturated and overwhelming.”

Granted this quote in response to "The problem with Brooklyn is:" is solely in reference to music but the thing about this comment that poked me in my proverbial brain/eye is not that there are a lot of blogs out there. There are. But rather, everyone thinks that theirs is important. Theirs is the one of the first eight to ten that started this whole blog explosion. We were here first. We did it. Flag of ME planted here. Count it. But that's not the case. Everyone was doing it. We all did it. 2003 (when I first got it) was the year of YES LET'S GET A BLOG ASAP NOW GET IT REGISTER NOW!!!! And now, what, six years later there are exponentially more blogs out there. Everything seems over saturated and overwhelming. What's the point, NY Mag?

And here is the difference. I ask myself, did I start this to write to people? Am I writing to you? Yes. However....
But am I foremost writing to write? To put words out there? Yes too. Why not a journal? I hate writing with a pen. Why not write in Microsoft Word? That's a memoir. I'm writing here in the massive ocean of bloggityblogs because, danrnitt, I love you, Internet. You've been good to me. I want to be good back.