Monday, June 02, 2003

- A man standing on the platform for the 1 & 9 trains was swinging an imaginary golf club, over and over. I went over to him and then jokingly said, "so...are you waiting for the fore?"

I'm in a bit of a foul mood today, so I present my LIST OF THINGS I REALLY DON'T LIKE ALL THAT MUCH:

- People who talk way too loud on the phone at work so everyone can hear that "well, I only have the babysitter tonight from seven to ten."
-Is it really so hard to say "hi?" Well, after constantly being the one to initiate the "hi"-and-polite-smile, I'm thinking it is. I am actually tired of saying "hi." I did not even think that that was possible.
- When I write an email and I don't get a response for hours, maybe even days ( I am a horrible hypocrite).
- People who claim that are "just too busy to meet up." This has been happening in NYC way too often. Seriously, is it me?
- Hot dogs that are boiled, not grilled
- Microsoft Outlook
- Telling someone you would be glad to help them out when you really aren't all that glad. In reality, making things more difficult for them would probably make you happier.
- Playa Hatas.
- That woman on everyone's voice mail service that has to explain to you how to leave a voice mail. Like, we don't know by now to leave a message after the tone? Do we really need her to explain it? I have wasted a large chunk of my life waiting for her to stop talking.
- The silly ten-minute dance sequence in the Matrix Reloaded. Is that really necessary?
- Deciding what I want to eat for lunch.
- How certain places charge 69 cents for an apple (ahem...Au Bon Pain) when I can get four for a dollar on 97th and Colombus.
- The fact that I'm not a millionaire is really annoying already.
- Custard.
- Most of the cast of Saturday Night Live.
- Actually, the whole cast.
- Oh my god, the phone next to me rings so damn loud too. You could probably hear it ringing in, like, China.
- Nowadays, most girls.
- The whole concept of ergonamics is a bit overlooked in office furniture. I would think my eventual crippling would be a concern of the human resources in this office. Perhaps we should take away the word 'human" from their department name. After all, they are very much not human. Humans, after all, care that my back is aching.
- Taking the L train.
- People who make their parties all the way downtown in a place that has two bouncers, a line, a cover charge and expensive drinks. I have two words for this people: "po" and "or."

This posting is so egocentric. It needs to stop. Now.


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