Tuesday, November 11, 2003


TheAdwiz: dude
TheAdwiz: belle & sebastian sucked
TheAdwiz: hard
lincolnsnuts: whatever.
TheAdwiz: i just got home from them
TheAdwiz: and they bore me
TheAdwiz: and i was thinking about you
lincolnsnuts: that's nice
TheAdwiz: and all the critics who really liked the album
TheAdwiz: and it really frustrated me
TheAdwiz: bec i dont get it
lincolnsnuts: i will explain it to you, as i see it:
TheAdwiz: please do
TheAdwiz: cuz its killing me
lincolnsnuts: this was once told to me about my band, and in part, it is what i like about the new b&s:
lincolnsnuts: so many indie rock bands are all about what they *don't* do.
lincolnsnuts: they don't do reverb. or guitar solos. or love songs. or funny songs. et cetera.
lincolnsnuts: the reason why this album is a turning point
lincolnsnuts: is because, in a way, b&s started out as one of those bands.
lincolnsnuts: but over time, they have gotten increasingly loopy.
lincolnsnuts: and at this point, there is almost nothing they won't do.
lincolnsnuts: and not in that pretentious radiohead way, either.
TheAdwiz: i hear ya
lincolnsnuts: more in terms of just a raw love of music.
TheAdwiz: but you cant give them credit
TheAdwiz: for just doing something different
lincolnsnuts: no, of course not.
TheAdwiz: something different has to be good
lincolnsnuts: i think the songs on this record are great.
lincolnsnuts: "you don't send me"
TheAdwiz: and this album--yes, it is different---but its very spotty like a cheetah
lincolnsnuts: "step into my office, baby"
lincolnsnuts: the last one is amazing.
TheAdwiz: "you dont send me" truly disturbs me
TheAdwiz: like truly
lincolnsnuts: why?
TheAdwiz: whats the point of it
lincolnsnuts: is it giving you gay feelings?
TheAdwiz: to write a bee gees song?
lincolnsnuts: give in to those gay feelings.
lincolnsnuts: step off of your high horse.
TheAdwiz: it has nothing to do with it
TheAdwiz: honest
TheAdwiz: you know that
TheAdwiz: i will love many things that is unpopular
lincolnsnuts: "it's gay puerto rican parade day! you can finally be yourself!"
lincolnsnuts: this is what belle and sebastian are telling us.
lincolnsnuts: and they are right.
lincolnsnuts: they are so right.
TheAdwiz: alls im saying is that the crowd at tonights show encapsulates why i am over with them
TheAdwiz: they were all the goofiest people i have ever seen
TheAdwiz: silly
lincolnsnuts: you can't blame a band for their crowd.
TheAdwiz: silly people
TheAdwiz: yes, i can bec the new album is goofy and silly
lincolnsnuts: plus, dude, not for nothing, they are just like you.
TheAdwiz: and sarah does not come close to isobel's voice
lincolnsnuts: isobel had to go.
lincolnsnuts: everyone knew that.
TheAdwiz: knew what
lincolnsnuts: that isobel had to go.
TheAdwiz: why did isobel have to go
lincolnsnuts: she was a diva, twee as hell and a dime a dozen.
lincolnsnuts: meow!
lincolnsnuts: go to any marine research show and you can go home with any number of isobels.
lincolnsnuts: THE KID IS HOT TONIGHT!
TheAdwiz: Haha. Ok now please explain to me why stevie gets to write songs
lincolnsnuts: stevie has come a looooong way.
TheAdwiz: UCH
TheAdwiz: did you get the promo?
TheAdwiz: with "travellin' light?"
lincolnsnuts: no, i bought it.
lincolnsnuts: that's right. i bought it.
TheAdwiz: because that song is atrocious
TheAdwiz: and they played it tonight
lincolnsnuts: good.
lincolnsnuts: i now very much want to hear this song.
TheAdwiz: look, they played ONE SONG off of If Youre Feeling Sinister
TheAdwiz: and two off of arab strap
lincolnsnuts: that is fine with me.
TheAdwiz: and two off of tigermilk
TheAdwiz: and im thinking
TheAdwiz: what the eff
TheAdwiz: you think i want to hear the whole new album
TheAdwiz: yes, the whole new album
TheAdwiz: you bastards
lincolnsnuts: they are a working band, dude. they have to move on.
TheAdwiz: how dare you!
TheAdwiz: no, they need to support the crowd that made them what they are
TheAdwiz: that nurtured them
lincolnsnuts: either fly into the mystery or don't.
TheAdwiz: enough of this eccentric quirkiness
TheAdwiz: oh look at B&S - they only do press conferences at mets games
lincolnsnuts: you know what i think?
lincolnsnuts: i think you are jealous of belle and sebastian.
TheAdwiz: hahahhahHAHHAHAH
TheAdwiz: hows that
lincolnsnuts: i am serious.
lincolnsnuts: all this nonsense you are dropping. it is awkward playa-hating and you know it.
TheAdwiz: it is not playa-hating
lincolnsnuts: it is.
TheAdwiz: look i love interpol
TheAdwiz: i think the strokes are ok
TheAdwiz: not great
TheAdwiz: i hate ryan adams but i liked him
TheAdwiz: a lot
TheAdwiz: but now hes a jerk
TheAdwiz: i think mandy moore is fab
lincolnsnuts: but interpol never does things that you wish that you had thought of.
TheAdwiz: and good for liz phair but no thanks you
lincolnsnuts: or ryan adams. or whoever.
TheAdwiz: im not sure what you mean
TheAdwiz: that im not recording music?
lincolnsnuts: what all these other people you just mentioned, what they have in common is that, sad to say, none of them are particularly intelligent.
lincolnsnuts: intelligence resonates with you.
lincolnsnuts: b&s are the smartest gang going.
TheAdwiz: hmmmmm
TheAdwiz: go on
lincolnsnuts: that makes you crazy with frusteration.
TheAdwiz: bec why?
TheAdwiz: i know why
lincolnsnuts: i don't know, dude.
TheAdwiz: but why do you think
TheAdwiz: bec they let me down
lincolnsnuts: wrong:
TheAdwiz: they recorded an album that refuses to be liked by the lilkes of me
TheAdwiz: i have tried
lincolnsnuts: you have not yet caught up with them.
TheAdwiz: you liked it and youre usually all the cred i needed. whats happened?
lincolnsnuts: you will.
TheAdwiz: joey
TheAdwiz: c'mon
lincolnsnuts: just walk away from it for a while.
TheAdwiz: i havent caught up with them?!?
TheAdwiz: this isnt can or kraftwerk
lincolnsnuts: go listen to some early bee-gees.
TheAdwiz: this is B&S
TheAdwiz: i love early bee gees
TheAdwiz: and late bee gees
lincolnsnuts: go check out some chanson.
TheAdwiz: but not Belle and Bee gees
lincolnsnuts: arye, here is what i am telling you.
lincolnsnuts: give in to those gay feelings.
TheAdwiz: hahahah
TheAdwiz: its not that
TheAdwiz: honest
lincolnsnuts: buy a white shag rug from urban outfitters and lay on it with the steve miller band on your headphones.
TheAdwiz: ewwww
TheAdwiz: im allergic
lincolnsnuts: release yourself into the musical cosmos.
TheAdwiz: to steve miller, that is
lincolnsnuts: fly like an eagle.
lincolnsnuts: to the sea.
lincolnsnuts: time
lincolnsnuts: keeps on slippin'
TheAdwiz: you honestly like the album?
lincolnsnuts: slippin'
lincolnsnuts: slippin'
TheAdwiz: honestly
lincolnsnuts: into the future. yes.
TheAdwiz: name a stand out song
lincolnsnuts: i just named three.
lincolnsnuts: and i didn't even mention "i'm a cuckoo"
TheAdwiz: "lord anthony"?
lincolnsnuts: which is fantastic
TheAdwiz: "dear catasrtophe?"
lincolnsnuts: all of it, great.
TheAdwiz: "piazza" is very acceptable
TheAdwiz: "im a cuckoo" hurts
TheAdwiz: like a blow to the knee caps
lincolnsnuts: you're insane.
lincolnsnuts: the thin lizzy reference is brilliant.
TheAdwiz: oh yeah
TheAdwiz: whoops
lincolnsnuts: and the song is a knockout.
TheAdwiz: getting mixed up
TheAdwiz: i like it
TheAdwiz: its "stay loose" i was thinking of
lincolnsnuts: get your story straight.
TheAdwiz: can i use this conversation as a review of the new album?
lincolnsnuts: sure. go nuts.
TheAdwiz: awesome


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