Tuesday, May 17, 2005

It's me.


BBS: First off, Phil, I'm really touched that you're here with us today.
Phil Collins: Wow, the years have been kind to us, haven't they?
BBS: I was just going to say that you really look fabulous. Lost a little weight. Am I correct?
Phil: Ha ha. Yes, I did. I've been doing some pilates.
BBS: Wonderful news. Just simply wonderful. So, you're touring again, I hear.
Phil: Yes I am and I cannot wait to get on the road again. Just remember; if you come to my show there is no jacket required.
BBS: Ha ha. Nice self-reference, Phil. When I look at your list of tour stops...they seem a bit unconventional.
Phil: Well, I do have fans in Budapest and Croatia. In fact, I massive in Croatia. Almost God-like. It's a known fact that Phil is the most popular name there.
BBS: I see you're also playing Israel.
Phil: Yes, I am. And I can't wait because Jews are so fun.
BBS: Let's talk about your career. Why cover Cyndi Lauper's "True Colors" out of all the songs you could have done?
Phil: I remember hearing that song for the first time and thinking, blimey, I need to cover this song. My wife thinks it sounds a bit cheesy and there's a very good chance that she's right. But I can't help it. I believe in love so much it hurts my very bald head.
BBS: Speaking of which, you put out a compilation of love songs appropriatley entitled "Love Songs, a Compilation." How do you come up with your album titles?
Phil: An excellent question. For the Tarzan soundtrack I called it the "Tarzan Soundtrack" because that's what I was feeling at the time. "But Seriously" was supposed to be "Butt Seriously" but the label thought it was a type-o and presumptuosly corrected it.
BBS: My favorite songs of yours are "I Wish It Would Rain Down" and "Against All Odds." Could you tell me what those songs are about?
Phil: "I Wish It Would Rain Down" is about a frustrated weatherman that regularly predicts rain showers but never gets it right. "Against All Odds" is about my pet cat, Victoria, that ran away from home and her "coming back to me [was] against all odds."
BBS: Powerful.
Phil: Yeah. And she did never come back.
BBS: I'm so sorry.
Phil: To this day, I still feel the gaping hole.
BBS: Perhaps we should move on then to the rumored story behind "In The Air Tonight" about witnessing your close friend drowning to his death. We've discovered that the song is indeed about the divorce from your first wife, Andrea. How did the rumor come about and even become so popular that even Eminem referenced it in a song called "Stan?"
Phil: Should I be asking for a percentage of the Eminem's royalties?
BBS: Why did you pick the name "Genesis" for your band?
Phil: Exodus sounded too heavy metal and no one wants to go see a band called Leviticus. I mean, imagine that; hey New York! We're Leviticus!
BBS: I guess you're right. And Deuteronomy....?
Phil: I can't stand the thought of being abbreviated to "Dute."
BBS: Is your success a suprise?
Phil: I mean, I am bald...
BBS: I didn't want to bring it up but you seem pretty comfortable with it. You are on all your album covers....
Phil: Sex sells. Ha ha.
BBS: Ha Ha. Yes. Indeed....one of the most haunting memories of my youth is the video for "Another Day In Paradise" with the montage of all the poor and homeless people interspliced with you singing the song with a great deal of passion.
Phil: Yeah, that was the director's idea. I was fine without the poor people but he insisted. He said something about "altruism." And I said, what the bloody 'ell? And he said, Look it up. So I did. I can't recall what it means.
BBS: My final question is are you aware of the Postal Service cover of "Against All Odds?"
Phil: It's wimpy as hell and makes my song sound like a heavy metal track. Geez. You'd think a group of fellas who deliver our mail would have some balls.
BBS: Phil Collins, the man, the legend. It's so nice to have you here.
Phil: Thanks for taking the time to speak to me. It's so nice to thave have a conversation with someone who is not a crying middle-aged housewife asking me to sign her chest.


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