Tuesday, May 10, 2005


BBS01: So what's up?
TheAdwiz: Not much. It seems that this new workplace of mine has a firewall.
BBS01: Firewall? That is so 1998.. ( ;
TheAdwiz: Yeah, but that means I can't use Instant Messenger.
TheAdwiz: It's not funny. That totally bums me out. I never realized how much I use IM until I didn't have it.
BBS01: Yeah, well, everyone uses it. That's kinda lame that you can't. ) :
TheAdwiz: Thanks 4 rubbing it in.
BBS01; Well, just think of all the work u can get done now.
TheAdwiz: Whatev. I feel like everyone will 4get about me.
BBS01: They may. It's a possibility.
TheAdwiz: You're not helping the situtation. This is hard enough as it is. I feel so withdrawn, so lost.
BBS01: You know, I'm sure your grandfather didn't use IM when he fought the Nazis during WWII. I'm sure the starving children in Africa don't use IM.
TheAdwiz: Therefore...?
BBS01: Ahem...So I guess this explains the format of our discussion here...
TheAdwiz: I'm trying to recreate an Instant Messenger experience. Please don't ruin it.
BBS01: K. So, why is there a firewall?
TheAdwiz: They claim 4 security reasons. I'm not buying it.
BBS01: As you shouldn't. U know, u were never a good IMer anyway. Always leaving mid-conversations, responding with one word responses...
TheAdwiz: I'll change. I swear. I can be better.
BBS01: It's 2 late. This is karma. If you don't use your IM properly, the firewall taketh it away.
TheAdwiz: I'm not getting any sympathy here.
BBS01: Nope.
TheAdwiz: U suk.
TheAdwiz has left the chat.


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And in an unrelated story, Arye Dworken had his most productive day at work in years...

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