Monday, June 06, 2005

Part 2 of the Open Letter to Jane Pratt Series

Hey Jane.

How the heck are ya'? So, I just got back from H&M and well, good times. Having that store right across the street from me is like uber-dangerous. I walk in there and they have these button down, slim-cut dress shirts that fit me like a Thinsulate glove. And they were only nine dollars. I'll say it again--nine dollars! It's as if Mr. H&M said, Arye, welcome to my store. Please take these dress shirts as a token of my gratitude for your just being alive. Thank you for existing and I am repaying you by giving [e.g., selling] you these wonderful yet cheaply made shirts.
Never to turn a warm gesture down, I bought seven. I know, I know-whoa, Arye. Easy there. But here's my thought-process. You can always use a nice button down; it goes well with a suit, a pair of jeans, you can wear it on interviews (hint, hint) or a night out on the town. [Editor's note: only specific towns though. Please contact me for a detailed list of those worthy towns]. I got a few white, two blues, and a couple of pinks because I'm told I can pull them off which seems to me like a compliment or a subtle challenge to my sexuality. Hey, it's all good. But additionally, Mom loves them and so does the g-friend. Lord knows I could always use some points for both those ladies.

Oh, before I forget; I did indeed send you my samples and resume like you asked (see comment here) but I never heard back from you. Frowning icon to the infinity! Jane, where you at? I realize you gots a magazine to runizzle (love whipping out my Snoop Dogg) but don't forget me. 'kay? Don't let this brutha down.

Someone just walked into my office and Mandy Moore was playing on my iTunes. So embarassing. I quickly clicked to the next song but even worse...! It's Sammy Hagar's Van Halen ("Right Now" still rules as a song and you know it). I could just disappear.
Speaking of which, do you ever get in the mood for sushi? i think that's what I'll have for dinner. I fancy myself a spicy salmon roll with avocado. I also fancy myself the term "fancy myself." And someone just used "moxie" before and I had forgotten how much I loved that word. Totally need to use it.

i think I've bored you enough and besides, I have to run along now.

Speak soon?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Its been a while since I've been to BBS and I can't believe I almost missed your second open letter to Jane Pratt! Hysterical!

Arye, I implore you, hook up the XML so I can add you to my RSS feed...that's only way I read online anymore.

6:18 PM  

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