Wednesday, June 07, 2006


Hey, Keanu. Mind if I sit here?

Hey, Arye. Please. Sit. How are things?

Pretty good.

I see you haven't been updating your blog recently.

Yeah, It seems like I haven't brought sincerity back in quite some time. But I've been so busy.

Yeah, whoa, I've noticed.

I mean, what happens if I try to bring it back and I realize I've forgotten how...

Isn't the process of bringing sincerity back kinda like riding a bike.

Possibly. I'm not sure.

Well, how about we try it right now? We can ease into it. Together.

Okay, I'm ready. Ahem. Okay. Let's do this.

Tell me something sincere.

Um, I feel bad about neglecting sincerity.

Okay, you may want to ease into it. I think your first attempt at sincerity was too sincere.

This is tough.

I know, right?

You make it look so easy, man. I watch your movies sometimes and I'm thinking, Gosh, how does he conjure up that much sincerity. Like this movie with Sandra Bullock...

Oh, the Lake House. Like, hello, Oscar.

Yeah! Wow, that's like, soooo moving. I see that commercial and it totally gets me. Like right here [touching heart].

See, dude? You just did it! This moment was so sincere, I felt it, like, shattering the sincerity wall.

The sincerity wall?

Oh, yeah. That wall, man. The one that won't let you be sincere. Knock it down, bro. Knock that wall down and make the choice to be sincere.

It is that simple, isn't it?


I feel like people don't get you, man. I feel like they see you and they just see Ted. Doesn't that bother you?

Kinda. But bro, you know what?


As long as you're committing to bringing back the sincerity, it's all good.


How do you feel about hugging men?

Um, not so into it.



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