Monday, October 30, 2006

Poppin' fresh dough!

Nearly a year later, Robyn's self-titled record is still in rotation at Club Chez Arye (this is not an actual club but rather a poor attempt at sexifying myself). The Swedish pop star was signed to two American labels (Jive and RCA) but after lagging album sales, she was dropped faster than a Malawian father gives up his baby to a musician that uses an Abba-sample too obviously. Okay, maybe not the best metaphor but you get the point. It sucks to get dropped twice.

Robyn fourth record was never released in America which means it's another import you would have to spend your hard earned money on (ahem, download). But here's the truth, Ruth, this record's sensational and kicks the platinum hair out of the competition.

Robyn - "Who's That Girl?"
Bonus fact: this song was produced by brother and sister act the Knife.

If you were paying attention, New Yorker reader, Sasha Frere Jones wrote about Robyn nearly a year ago which is a decade in blogger years.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

No way... is this the Robyn who sang Show Me Love and Do You Know back in 97? Damn I love that woman. Didn't know she was still live and kicking! How much fun.

10:41 AM  
Blogger Arye said...

Yup. The very same one. And she's only gotten better. Sometimes I think it's better for an artist to get dropped by a major label.

11:30 AM  

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