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Tegan And Sara
The Con

Emotionally overwrought lesbian identical twins from Canada. It sounds like a B-movie but it's actually the performers and songwriters behind last year's trickiest album. At first listen, Tegan and Sara Quin's fifth album The Con achieves both instant memorability and mild irritation, the unconventional melodies wriggling within the confines of the standard three-minute pop song. And it didn't make a whole lot of sense--two young girls with a rabid youthful fanbase writing "mature" rock. But like most cons, this one paid off with time. This bittersweet collection of fourteen tracks may turn off impatient listeners but with repeated spins, the Quin sisters' collaborations burrow deep until you inadvertently find yourself humming them.

But what makes this entry so notable is that despite the prolific duo's lack of sweet angelic voices--on the contrary, they're slightly rough and earnestly flawed--their emotive fragility emphasizes an authentic ache. The Con listening experience is a cathartic one--it's no wonder that they popular in the emo circles. Just about every expression of yearning and want in songs like "Circles" and "Back In Your Head" feel autobiographical and confessional. But then again, who knows? Maybe it's all an act. Maybe we've misjudged Tegan and Sara's adorable vulnerability and that's also part of the con.

"Back In Your Head" video

"The Con" video

"Nineteen" live acoustic performance


Blogger Siya Chen said...

Hey Ayre!

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Considering you grew up with SPRINGSTEEN and your much love for many canadian fellow musicians, I think you will enjoy his music very much. The previous two solo albums of his did pretty well on campus radio in Canada, Finland and Japan. Alun used to be in 90's thrash/folk/grunge band The Morganfields (signed to Universal). And his last CD "Awaken The Snakes" was released on Fred Eaglesmith's AML Records. Alun has done a bunch of studio work including engineering and production for The Rheostatics, God Speed You Black Emperor amongst others.

Alun has also been invited to China by the embassy of Canada for many shows over the last two years, some of the stories and cultural clashes he witnessed as a musician representing Canada and interacting with Chinese musicians are also evidenced in his latest release. I believe this will also make a great and interesting angle for social/cultural related interview or review regarding his music.

It would be awesome if you would give it a spin and do a write up somewhere, the Bigtakeover and your blog and many other press u write for.

Thank you very much Ayres!
Hope to hear back from u!


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