Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I'm not inclined to post a couple of music videos two days-in-a-row--after all, this isn't MTV circa '92--but this Coldplay video is so incredibly charming, I can't help but share. Now before I post the embedded link (that's tech speak for "pow"), as time goes on, I must confess that I'm enjoying last year's Viva La Vida way more than I thought I initially would. Considering my general and overall lukewarmness for this band, their fourth album was a genuine surprise. Who knows if it was Eno, who knows if it was the inspired drive to not create boring drivel like X & Y...whatever that source of inspiration was, "Viva La Vida," "Lost", and "Lovers In Japan" are sweet and inoffensive much like Gwyneth Paltrow.

But this video for "Life In Technicolor II," the debut single from their Prospekt's March EP (this extended version with vocals was originally known as "Life In Technicolor," the two-minute opening instrumental track on Viva) uses puppets. And children. And a remote control helicopter. Sold yet? You should be, you cold hearted Obama-hater.


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