Tuesday, January 20, 2009


L'chaim! It's a new record!

So they're finally back, eh? It's been five years since a U2 record (seriously, that's insane. Five years? That's no way to keep up with the Internet) and now my no-not-being-ironic-here-heroes premiered their newest single "Get On Your Boots" which my bud Andrew posted on our self-titled site. What do you think?

Me? I dig it but considering I'd probably dig three minutes and twenty-four seconds of Bono insisting his hair isn't thinning, I might not be the most objective critic. But I'm trying. I'm trying.

Oh, and by the way, seriously, I'm conflicted over which version to purchase. If there's one band that will actually make me use my torrent-happy purchase-resistant credit card, it's this band. Even if "a new film from Anton Corbijn featuring the music of U2" sounds like the definition of mind-numbing boredom...I'm kind of a completest. What do you think, Sincere Reader?


Anonymous Serge said...

These are definitely one of those days that even I am thankful that I own a card as I get to purchase these things without any hassle.

12:36 AM  

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