Monday, June 15, 2009


After weeks, maybe months, of driving to faraway shelters and adoption drives, Shana and I had finally found our puppy. Barrett C. Dworken, nearly four months old, is the latest addition to our family, and in truth, I had no idea that you could become so attached so quickly.

Shana had a dog growing up so this emotional connection is old hat, but for me, it's quite strange to feel so connected to an animal. I had always loved dogs, had enjoyed playing with them, and in the dog/cat-person argument, I would always insist that dogs were actual pets while cats were the mammal equivalent of house decorations.
And ever since Barrett came into our home a week back, he has since then burrowed a permanent place in my heart (I acknowledge the inherent cheesiness of said statement and its cliched implication, but really, I would have never said anything like it before I had a dog).

He is playful, obedient (somewhat), and incredibly sweet. I should say that we are rather lucky to have a dog with his disposition, but this is not to say that there aren't any issues. Barrett has not learned how to walk with a leash (this will take some time), and he's fully equipped with a genuine separation anxiety. The latter is a result of Shana's expressive spoiling.

Recently, though, I have encountered two types of reactions to Barrett: there's the friend who is thrilled, supportive, and complimentary, and then there's the friend who asks, why? And in truth, I can't articulate the reasoning for getting a dog (aside from Shana's constant campaigning for one). If I had known the huge responsibility and the expense involved in raising a puppy, I'm not sure I would have been so agreeable. But in retrospect, it's better that I wasn't aware because as I look over to my right and see him resting on his side on our living room floor, I can't imagine life without him from hereon in.


Blogger Teach said...

I'd like to make an amendment: nearly 6 months later it is YOU that spoils the dog and therefore, the cause of his separation anxiety.

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