Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Hey, kids! Do you remember "original?" You don't? Oh, snap. It's 2009. Original [insert hot model German accent here] iz either in or eet's out.

So, do you know what stopped being funny? The Simpsons. You know what continues to be funny. "Your mom" jokes. That will never, ever not be funny. Impossible. Your mom is impossible. Ha. See? Hilarious.

Sunday night's episode of The Simpsons was so unfunny that I found myself frowning at the end credits. For emoticon users, this is what I looked like: ): except I have a "strong" nose situated somewhere in there.
So yeah, what about that 20-year old cartoon...the jokes aren't fresh, the plot lines are out-dated (Ultimate Fighting? Really?), and worst of all, there's nothing even remotely provocative about the plot lines. And this is in a time when just about every animated series on television--including (The Backyardigans does in fact address homelessness) is provocative.

But even more bothersome than Groening's lame attempt to stir it up is Seth McFarlane's Sunday night domination. I feel like his three shows-- Family Guy, The Cleveland Show, and American Dad -- aren't even coy about being the same show for three episodes in a row. I mean, the Griffin fam is totes lol with those mad-cap pop culture references, but really, can we please mix it up? Throw in a talking bear for diversity for God's sake?
Wait, what?
You mean there already is one?

Sunday nights suck.


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