Wednesday, February 18, 2004


Dear Imaginary Friend,

I haven't seen you in a very long time. It's actually sad that you have abandoned me in my time of need. And I will tell you this; that your intentions are so completely transparent. I mean, why couldn't you just show your self to me already?

You know, I was thinking about when we first met, when I first saw you...well, actually, I think I recall that I saw right through you and your tricks. But then, after that, I couldn't avoid you. You were everywhere I went. In the bathroom, in my bedroom, in the street. Everywhere I turned, you were there. O' my imaginary friend! The way you snuck up on me and the way you would never announce yourself or show yourself to others. My friends never met you. They would always ask me, where is this friend of yours? How come he never shows himself in public, they would ask? And I would call you and you would answer your imaginary phone but you would say you were shy. You wouldn't come meet me with my friends and that always made me look bad in public.

I'm just going to say this one last time: you need to show yourself to me, Imaginary Friend. You need to come back and be more of a presence in my life. You have been too quiet nowadays and we need to talk more. Things used to be out of sight....but now, your love is completely undetectable. It's clear to me: I need to see you soon.



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