Thursday, December 09, 2004


Tilly & The Wall
Wild Like Children
(Team Love)
Naming themselves after a children book, Tilly & The Wall won’t go near a drum kit. Instead, they’ll happily tap dance on amplified platforms keeping rhythm with their feet. Those looking for an indie rock Shirley Temple singing campfire sing-a-longs…well, it’s here.

Iron & Wine
Our Endless Numbered Days
(Sub Pop)
Sam Beam’s voice sounds like watching the sun set in all its crimson glory over grapefruit-colored skies. Our Endless Numbered Days could subdue even the most anxious--perhaps this is the substitute for your Paxil.

Kanye West
College Dropout
Kanye West reportedly has a notorious ego but with an innovative hip-hop album like this, it’s almost justified. His latest single, ‘Jesus Walks’ is the catchiest rap song in recent memory to have Jewish people everywhere feeling guilty for dancing to it.

Dogs Die In Hot Cars
Please Describe Yourself
(V2 Records)
Despite the fact that the band claims they never heard of Andy Partridge, Please Describe Yourself is pure XTC. Dance like Madness.

The Futureheads
(Startime International/Sire)
This hyperactive gang of four recorded the most complex-yet-simplistic mod album of the year. Multi-part harmonies over singular guitars. Bonus: a pogoing and brilliant cover of Kate Bush’s “Hounds of Love.”

Junior Boys
Last Exit
The Junior Boys’ Last Exit is make-out music for cyborgs. It’s also a retro-futuristic electronica album that the Prada set and the Levi’s set can both enjoy.

The Legends
Up Against The Legends
(Lakeshore Records)
What if the Jesus and the Mary Chain cited the Ronnettes as a major influence? Oh, like you never asked yourself that question.

Action Pact
(Koch Records)
The Canadian power-poppers have almost become the Rodney Dangerfields of indie-rock but who needs respect when you have the arsenal of cheap tricks like Sloan does?

Snow Patrol
Final Straw
While Chris Martin is babysitting Apple, Gary Lightbody and Co. stepped up with ‘Run,’ a song that soars so high it may even be a bird or an airplane.


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