Wednesday, March 30, 2005


Everything Is Illuminated II: I Take It Back--Not Much Is Illuminated
By Jonathan Safran Foer

Jonathan Safran Foer goes to Poland to research the ancestry on his father's side.
He hires a translator who loves Whitney Houston and says "sassy" a lot.
Foer finds an old synagogue found in the heart of an abandoned shtetl but then remembers that his father's parents were actually fourth generation Americans from New Jersey.
Our hero returns home, has a corned beef sandwich and then writes a short story about corned beef for the New Yorker.

An Even More Heartbreaking Work Of Staggering Genius, If That Is Even Possible
By Dave Eggers

Continuing where AHWOSG left off, Eggers writes about his feud with Dr. Phil, his competition with Alanis Morrisette over who can disassociate themselves further from "irony," and the troubles and tax benefits involved in starting a literary movement.
Eggers recounts the future, writing the first memoir that actually details events that haven't happened yet. AEMHWOSG,ITIEP becomes the first book in the Barnes and Noble's Prophecy/Memoir section.

The Corrections 2: What A Dysfunctional Family!
By Jonathan Franzen

The Lambert family is back in this poignant tale that truly captures the American family spirit.
Chip sells his mother to Albania in exchange for becoming their king. In the process, Chip discovers that Albania no longer uses a monarchy system and loses his mother for no good reason. Meanwhile, Denise realizes that she's not a lesbian but rather a man in a woman's body and asks her brother Gary for a loan to carry out the surgery. Gary, in the process of a demoralizing divorce, invests his money on a new medication that will allow elderly women to adjust to Albanian weather quicker. Unbeknownst to him, his mother Enid is the first test subject for the medication which has a side effect of falling in love with the first teenage Albanian boy you see. Enid then falls in love with a high school student that she is tutoring in chemistry.

Truly Infinite Jest
By David Foster Wallace

Realizing the innaccuracy of the claim behind his first book, David Foster Wallace presents a book that truly never ever ends. It's always being written even after you've bought it from your local bookstore and brought it home to read. It is a constant novel. Even after Foster Wallace dies, it will write itself forever so when you think you got to the last page, it isn't really the last page. Sucker.


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