Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Oh, what a feeling!

You probably noticed yesterday that I neglected to post a Song of the Day for the first time in weeks. And you also probably noted that I gave you some attitude.

Well, I have to apologize for that. You see, I was required to do it. It was a test. It was all a test.

I got word from upper management that some of the BBS readers were just using the BringBack for its delicious, hearty Songs of the Day, and to prevent this ugly and constant leeching from happening, we had to experiment by testing your devotion.

I am happy to say, though, that you all passed. Not only did I not get any angry emails saying things like, Hey Arye, what's the big deal? Or, where the f*** is my Song of the Day? Rather, you all came back, refreshed your browser, saw an adorable sleeping puppy, and read a blog entry full of attitude. And after being cruelly denied of the SOAD, you said nothing. Nothing. I must say, it hurt me more than it hurt you to write those painful words but you understand now that it was important. You comprehend that this was the only way.

In order for us to be together happily, we had to sacrifice October 23rd's Song of the Day. We salute you, 10/23 SOAD. We salute you, fallen song, with a Song of the Day.

Mike and the Mother F***in' Mechanics - "All I Need Is A Mother F***in' Miracle!"


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