Monday, November 27, 2006


It feels like only four months ago when Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock first exchanged heartfelt vows to one another, he, shirtless, and she, in a bikini. It was a wonderful time for the champions of monogamy and an effective argument for the blissful state of marriage. But after hearing the curve ball today that the once love-smitten couple are breaking up, I am in anguish and pain. I'm not sure if I can even bear to write this post.

And all these allegations of Rock's outrage and anger bursts directed at his virginal bride--I don't buy it for a minute. Is someone who writes poetry like " His d*** was metal, her p**** was a magnet" not capable of unadulterated and pure love? How can you accuse the man with song titles like "F*** Off" and "You Never Met A Motherf***er Like Me" of having an anger management issue?

Surely, you must understand that true love is never eternal. Sometimes, like in this instance, a gentleman and a woman must decide to amicably part ways and like mature adults, divvy up the Michelob Lites equally. And you know what? Kudos to GQ for naming Kid and Pam "Newlyweds of the Year." Bravo to this fine men's publication for acknowledging a love that can inspire the stars to shine. It makes this wounded heart hopeful that some of us still recognize true love when we see it despite the world's cynicism.

And for all the romantics out there, here are some pictures from the classy and dignified ceremony. In retrospect, I still can't imagine how this couple didn't last. But in the meantime, I think it'll help if we just focus on the good times.


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