Wednesday, December 20, 2006


I am writing an article on [insert feigned enthusiasm here] BLOC PARTY! WHOO!
Now, Arye, that's not nice.
No, "not nice" would be saying that Bloc Party is "ugly, inside and out" and that I would sue them "just for fun."
You're confused. That's not mean. That's childish.
Oh, okay. True.

Anyway, Mark drops by every now and again and delivers a sweet little gift to us. This gift is called "filesharing" and it's "okay" if you're a "music journalist." Got it? No one else can exchange these special gifts and if you do, you're a criminal.
And ugly inside and out.

I am truly clued into the music community but it astounds me on a daily basis that there are still bands out there that I'm not aware of.
Yes, you did just witness a moment of humility. Grab it like a lightning bug, put it in a jar and keep it for prosperity. Just warning you though, unless you make holes in the lid, it's gonna die.
Uzi & Ari is a band that Mark and I want you to know about. Good on ya, Mark. You can drop by and "file share" any time...if you know what I mean.
And I think you do.

Uzi & Ari - "Don't Back Out"


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