Monday, May 19, 2008


Go HERE for 18 springtime treats. And feel free to spread the love. Music is for sharing, controversy be damned.


1. The Futureheads - "The Beginning Of The Twist"
2. Apes & Androids - "Riverside"
3. Basia Bulat - "In The Night"
4. Tilly & The Wall - "Beat Control"
5. Tobias Froberg - "Slipping Under The Radar"
6. Lykke Li - "Dance Dance Dance"
7. Elbow - "Grounds For Divorce"
8. Cloud Cult - "Hurricane And Fire Survival Guide"
9. Plants & Animals - "Bye Bye Bye"
10. Adele - "Best For Last"
11. Duffy - "Mercy"
12. Santogold - "Say Aha"
13. Hercules & Love Affair - "Blind"
14. Neon Neon - "Raquel"
15. Goldfrapp - "A&E"
16. Jim Noir - "How To Be So Real"
17. Sloan - "I'm Not A Kid Anymore"
18. Tapes N' Tapes - "The Dirty Dirty"

I was also at the Hercules & Love Affair show over the weekend at Studio B. This was the band's first live performance for a New York audience and to quote James, I was there. This is what I saw.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Andrew, Aaron, and I, or the guys who brought you DIW Magazine, along with designer Garrett Morin launched our new publication Self-Titled Magazine just a few weeks back. So far, the online component has been reasonably successful with readership increasing daily. We're enthusiastic about this one because we're in charge and no longer have to answer to anyone.

The image above is the cover of our first digital issue which comes out next week. We're incredibly excited about unleashing this one on the masses. I've seen the layout and it's everything I could ask for in a new venture. The content and the look are both distinctive and fresh and I couldn't be prouder to be involved.

Check out today's column This Week In Uncool, my weekly effort to keep our collective indie snobbery rooted somewhat in the pursuit of the non-hype worthy.

Monday, May 12, 2008


Let's have coffee.

It's no wonder that the blogosphere is for the most part dominated by the young'uns. Occupying the role of Responsible Adult is more time-consuming and physically draining than I expected.
When I come home, I feel somewhat creatively drained, and the lack of updating on the blog stems primarily from laziness, not from a dearth of opinions. How can I find the motivation to spend my down-time in this stress-free environment I call home doing anything other than watching television? The question is not easy to answer.

And in truth, the past few weeks would have been a perfect time to write here. There has been much to deal with such as the remarrying of my mother and considering my new definition of family. Or maybe I relied on blogging regularly, as I did in the past, to create experiences in my life by focusing on those little moments and detailing the minutiae. This over-introspection and heavy analysis made them inherently significant. After all, I had written about them. Paradoxically, I am now experiencing more as a married man, a full-time advertising creative, and a freelance music journalist and editor. I am having many experiences without needing to create them in retrospect.

Or maybe I need to begin writing shorter entries and stop feeling guilty when they're not long megillahs...?