Friday, February 06, 2009


Good afternoon, special friend.

This fine day greets you with Mix For Friends, Volume IV. Yes, like Huey Lewis' prophecy, Four! 'Tis a special day indeed, so rejoice!

First, take the link below and download it.

Then simply drag the whole Mix For Friends, Vol. IV folder from your desktop and into your iTunes. Look at you! You're in the 21st Century of Rock. For optimal enjoyment, please sort it by the Album tab at top (that will give you the order of the album that I intended: beginning with Florence and the Machines' "Dog Days Are Over" and ending with U2's "Get On Your Boots").

Some of you may notice that there is a healthy serving of new-wave/dance pop songs on this mix but I can't apologize for my taste. I can only share it with you in the hopes that you too will enjoy it. I hope that is the case.


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