Wednesday, September 29, 2004


I will be away for the next three days but in the meantime, you can practice Sincerity in the privacy of your own home.

Here's how:
-When people say things to you, look at them and give them a sincere facial expression, i.e. a look of thoughtfulness, and then respond back with statements like "oh, really?," "gosh, I had no idea," or "hmm, that's a damn shame." Please make certain to use the appropriate response.

-If you see one of those 47 cents-a-day commercials about supporting some poor child in some random foreign location, be sympathetic (or fake it). If there is someone else in the room, say aloud "hmm, that's a damn shame."

- Practice your no-I-really-do-care face in the mirror for 15 minutes a day. You'll get really good at it.

-Talk about your feelings. Yes, your feelings. You know what they are--they're that human condition that you've been supressing and ignoring all this time. And if that's too difficult, here's a prompter: sadness. Discuss.

-Call an elderly relative and ask them how they're doing. Never bring up the word "will."

-Put on your running shoes. And then a nice pair of running shorts. Go for a run. A long one. Then when you get back, tell yourself that that was a "sincere run." A sincere run is the best kind of run. Better than running for excercise (like anyone does that).

Do all these things and you should be ok. See ya' soon.


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