Tuesday, June 27, 2006


"But this is my acting face."

Part II of a He Said/She Said Superman Returns review.*

[*While little pieces were cut for the final edit posted on the Jane magazine site, there is only one deleted criticism that I wanted to include here on BBS and that is the jarring and perplexing inclusion of Kal Penn in the movie. Kumar never actually speaks a word of dialogue but rather fills the role of Luthor's stereotypical Indian I.T. person. David thought this was somewhat racist. I simply thought it was random and odd. Couldn't they have given him at least one line? Or did he want to be in this summer blockbuster so badly that he negotiated his way into the film stipulating that he was only to make random facial expressions in the background (and even kick Superman while he was down. Literally)? Ultimately, this casting choice distracted me more than anything. All the while I kept thinking, where are the White Castle burgers?


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