Thursday, November 09, 2006

Dude, don't you actually blog anymore?

If you only knew how much work I wasn't doing right now by writing here...It's pretty crazy how three days of leg drama will offset your productivity. But I promise we're this close to getting back to normal.

Trust me here. Can ya hang for a bit?

In the meantime, I'd love to introduce you to the Feeling, a somewhat newish band from England (my SOADs are getting too British. In fact, they're drinking Earl Grey in the morning instead of coffee. Lame). The debut release Twelve Stops And Home will separate the men from the wusses. Apparently, I am a wuss. I have been listening to the Feeling since I got the record two days ago. Now, before you listen to the MP3s below, just know that this band is completely sincere about their hooks and smoothness. Hypothetically, if this band had a blog, they would probably called it Bring Back Sincerity. But then again, that name would be a pretty dumb blog name.

FYI: if you're really into kick-boxing, taking steroids, think death metal is too accessible, like stepping on cats, raise your fist regularly in the air for the sake of defiance, and/or dislike babies because they're useless, this band is probably not for you.

The Feeling - "Anyone"

The Feeling - "Strange"


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