Wednesday, November 08, 2006

I learned it from watching you.

Now every time I walk past someone with a limp, we give each other the right-on-nod. Like we're brothers. Like we're in this limping war together. I get you, fellow Limper. I'm with you, eye-to-eye, leg-to-leg.

Although, I regret to inform you, my brother-in-limp, I hope to move on in just a week or two. In a matter of days, I look forward to being my old self where I can run, swim, and walk briskly when I'm running late for something, which is quite often. So don't hate on me, co-limper, when you see me walking down the street and I am in full recovery. It's not my fault that the aforementioned crater in my leg decided to close.

Speaking of awesome, yesterday, I came across the remastered trilogy of awesome Pulp albums. His 'N' Hers, Different Class, and This Is Hardcore were wonderful back in the 90's but now with the repacking treatment, they're even wonderfuller. It's rare when a group releases such three strong records in a row. Actually, sometimes it's rare for a group to release one strong record (see yesterday's post; also Hinder) Lead singer Jarvis Cocker also recently released his solo debut simply titled Jarvis and it's a true return to form. Glammy and hammy crooning. Delicious.

Pulp - "This Is Hardcore"

Jarvis Cocker - "Don't Let Him Waste Your Time"


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