Monday, May 12, 2008


Let's have coffee.

It's no wonder that the blogosphere is for the most part dominated by the young'uns. Occupying the role of Responsible Adult is more time-consuming and physically draining than I expected.
When I come home, I feel somewhat creatively drained, and the lack of updating on the blog stems primarily from laziness, not from a dearth of opinions. How can I find the motivation to spend my down-time in this stress-free environment I call home doing anything other than watching television? The question is not easy to answer.

And in truth, the past few weeks would have been a perfect time to write here. There has been much to deal with such as the remarrying of my mother and considering my new definition of family. Or maybe I relied on blogging regularly, as I did in the past, to create experiences in my life by focusing on those little moments and detailing the minutiae. This over-introspection and heavy analysis made them inherently significant. After all, I had written about them. Paradoxically, I am now experiencing more as a married man, a full-time advertising creative, and a freelance music journalist and editor. I am having many experiences without needing to create them in retrospect.

Or maybe I need to begin writing shorter entries and stop feeling guilty when they're not long megillahs...?


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